Next Fiber Technology is dedicated to providing the most innovative and advanced technology to the textile, medical, and consumer markets.

By combining research and development, engineering, field testing, and human data, we produce products that make a difference to customers in comfort, function and performance.

Our technological breakthroughs are already revolutionizing the textile industry. We use unique transforming technologies to create "branded" fibers that offer unsurpassed performance and comfort.

We are taking industry standards to a higher level. Our innovations create exceptional performance in everyday items: sport and outdoor apparel, intimates, socks, back packs, medical wound and gauze products, home furnishings and industrial fabrics to name a few.

Copper CuTEC® and PTFE NanoGLIDE® are bio-engineered man-made fibers which through research and engineering knowledge have been applied to the fields of textiles, medicine and biology.

We are already in the market, partnered with the best mills and the best brands. We are ready with technological concepts to meet your evolving needs. All will surprise you.

Nano Glide Next Fiber

CuTEC® is a unique and proprietary copper fiber technology that utilizes the qualities of copper and permanently binds copper to the fiber matrix of polyester, nylon or re-cycled polyester fibers in athletic wear, race and recovery compression, diabetic and every day wear socks, base layer apparel, tops of insoles, sports bras, narrow elastics, athletic apparel, intimates, anti-embolism stockings and more. These woven and knitted products containing CuTEC® copper fibers are designed to provide natural anti-odor, hygienic protection and enhance the appearance of skin texture and tone and skin wellness against micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi for the wearer.