What is CuTEC Copper Technology

The CuTEC® technological breakthrough is based on utilizing the unique qualities of copper (elemental # 29) by permanently binding its proprietary copper compound to the textile fiber.

This proprietary process enables the copper technology to be a homogeneous part of the fiber matrix. CuTEC® technology now makes it possible to use these powerful and wide-ranging copper properties in new ways.

CuTEC® is a unique and proprietary copper fiber technology that utilizes the qualities of copper and permanently binds copper to the fiber matrix of polyester, nylon or re-cycled polyester fibers in athletic wear, race and recovery compression, diabetic and every day wear socks, base layer apparel, tops of insoles, sports bras, narrow elastics, athletic apparel, intimates, anti-embolism stockings and more. These woven and knitted products containing CuTEC® copper fibers are designed to provide natural anti-odor, hygienic protection and enhance the appearance of skin texture and tone and skin wellness against micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi for the wearer.